Calabash Real Estate

If the name “Calabash” brings to mind delicious seafood, then buying a home in Calabash will place you right in the middle of the “seafood capital of the world” known for the many seafood restaurants located here. This small fishing town, where Calabash seafood got its name, covers about three square miles which means privacy and peace are top commodities in this small community. If you’re searching for the perfect location to raise your family or enjoy your retirement years, Calabash should be high on your list of properties to visit before you extend an offer on property. With Myrtle Beach just a short drive away, you’ll have endless opportunities to explore the Low Country with family and friends to create memories that last a lifetime.

Whether you want a condo or townhome, a single family home, or a building site where you can make your dream home come true, Calabash has exactly what you need. You may even want to consider an adult living community designed with retirement residents in mind.  There are a plethora of open floor plans available that feature spacious rooms, upscale lighting, plumbing, and flooring packages, and exteriors that require little or no maintenance. You’ll find a variety of square footage available and plenty of mature landscapes to add value and elegance to your home.  Prices range from about $65,000 for a condo or townhome to just over $500,000 for a single family dwelling. With tasteful appointments and special features throughout the home, entertaining will be a breeze for you and your family.

Brunswick County is the perfect place to live if you enjoy festivals and celebrations throughout the year. From nature walks to watching sea turtles to historic tours, you’ll always find something to do with your loved ones.  The collection of communities in Calabash hosts a myriad of deep-sea adventures, unique shops, and dining locations that are second to none. Whether it’s championship golf, a local ice cream shop or a concert in the park, life in Calabash will be exciting and always packed with adventure. All of the nearby villages and towns host festivals throughout the year that range from the Oyster Festival, Riverfest, Festival by the Sea, and the Days at the Docks Festival. From Azaleas to art shows, the entertainment is just outside your doorstep in Calabash.